Residential Solar + Storage Engineering

& Permit Sets

We believe residential solar is a better way to power our future.

Nugrids Solutions is dedicated to designing residential solar plus storage systems along with permit sets that not only reduce the complexity of plan set generation, but also reduce the cost, time, and hassle of designing the plans for solar installations. We strive hard to exceed customer expectations by delivering cost effective solar plan sets, quickly and reliably, with optimum service that sets us apart from the competition.

With our technical approach to solar and energy storage, Nugrids simplifies solar construction and development, thus making the entire process cost-effective and efficient.

Designing & Engineering Residential Solar Plus Storage

We provide full detailed plan sets with all the important elements needed to validate AHJ permitting review. This includes

  • Site plan

  • Layout

  • Structural information

  • Wire diagrams

  • Labels/placards

  • Certification documentation

Solar Interconnection Application Processing

In utility interconnection application processing for residential solar and battery storage projects, we facilitate customers achieve PTO (permission to operate) faster through our attention to detail and consistent communication with the utility company.

Our designing experts are detail oriented. Even before they start working on the project, they make sure that the entire project’s location, permitting, codes, equipment, construction, and financing will actually work, thus preventing extra costs and project delays.


We are dedicated industry veterans committed to provide the highest quality plan sets, reliably and quickly, with safety, efficiency and quality.