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Nugrids Solution’s engineers are at the forefront of battery design, technologies, utility policies, codes and permits. Whether you are going solar for the first time or have years of experience, we can support your energy storage project with a full suite of design and engineering services.

Solar Plus Storage

Lithium or flow batteries, with or without fuel-based generators or grid-tied or off-grid, Nugrids offer complete permit-ready design packages and consulting services for your residential solar plus storage project.

Our sales proposal typically include:

  • Roof panel layout

  • Utility information

  • Shading analysis

  • Performance estimates

  • Estimated bill of materials (BOM)

  • Savings

  • ROI, payback & cash flow

You can get those batteries in the mix to upsell and help prepare the grid for your domination.  We believe in you and we believe in what we do. There is no extra fee to add batteries to your proposal. So, don’t waste any time in generating your own. All our residential solar plus storage designs are turned around in 24 hours. You can also expedite within 1hour, 7days a week, 24 hours a day for an additional fee of $xx.xx.


Residential Solar + Storage Designs & Proposals

residential solar storage designs and proposals form
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