Residential Solar Proposals

Nugrids Solutions is your reliable solar design and engineering partner. Whether you’re a high volume residential operation or just planning to go solar in your new house, we provide fast, accurate solar-plus-storage designs that get quickly approved. We provide complete permit-ready residential solar proposals for homeowners.

Our experienced U.S team of structural and electrical engineers do proper research about the specific codes and requirements of your jurisdiction and utility, which facilitates them to speed up permitting and interconnection approvals. This eliminates costly delays and increases our client’s trust and satisfaction.

Each residential solar system by Nugrids promises to produce more energy than other major brands and also features a 25-year power warranty. We provide a full fledged residential solar proposal. Our services include

  • A max roof layout in Aurora.

  • Shade analysis based on digital information in Aurora.  

  • Custom proposals for your company for a one-time fee of xxx.xx.

All you have to do is send your pricing and we can turn it into a proposal for you. Our designers are a pro. So, just put your sunshine to work and don’t waste your time trying to do graphic wonders. We’ve got you.