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We Complete Solar and Battery System Plan Sets Quickly and Reliably So You Can Scale Your Business WIthout Expensive Engineering Costs.


Delayed Plansets

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Dealing with Countless Jurisdictions

Dealing with countless jurisdictions when it comes to solar system permits can be a daunting task for solar companies. Each jurisdiction may have its own unique requirements, making it difficult to navigate the permitting process. 


Your Business Being Limited.

Delayed permits can significantly hinder the growth of a solar business. The time anvd resources spent navigating the permitting process can take away from other important tasks, such as marketing and sales efforts.

We Feel Your Frustration When it Comes to...

Never Stress About Plan Sets Again, Because Yours Are Always Done Accurately and On Time With Nugrids..


On-time expedited plan sets are essential for the growth of a solar company. By streamlining the permitting process and obtaining necessary approvals in a timely manner, solar businesses are able to move forward with projects without delay.

On Time and Expedited Service


Working with a company that is familiar with all the jurisdictions is crucial for the growth of a solar company. Such a company can navigate the complex landscape of solar permitting with ease, saving time and resources for its clients. Nugrids is a solution that offers

this benefit.

One Stop Shop for
All AHJ's


Working with Nugrids for your solar company's plan set needs can bring significant benefits, including increased profits and a better life. Nugrids provides a comprehensive and efficient process for obtaining the necessary permits and approvals, which can save time and resources for its clients.

Bigger Profits,
Better Life.


It Couldn't Be Easier To Get Started
With Nugrids...


Schedule A Consultation

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Enjoy Reliable Plan Sets


At Nugrids, we know you want to be a solar professional with a profitable and efficient business. 
In order to do that, you need absolute perfection in permitting and planning. 
The problem is plan-sets are time consuming and expensive. This might make you feel like there is a barrier between you and fast and efficient installations. 
Quite frankly, your only concern should be delivering a world class experience to your clients that is also profitable for your business. 
We understand what it's like to grapple with multiple jurisdictions and their lengthy requirements. 
Which is why we have mastered them all so we can deliver fast and accurate plan-sets at an affordable price. 
Getting started is easy.. First Book a call so we can determine your exact needs. Then, we get you onboarded with our smooth and seamless process. And then we take care of your  precision-engineered plan sets.
So book a call today, and in the meantime, grab a sneak peek of our work. Download our cost comparison with sample plan set and witness the Nugrids difference so that you can start staying focused on what you do best; delivering world class installations and scaling your business. And stop wasting time on expensive or inaccurate plan-sets.

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